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Granulated salt for dishwashersGranulated salt for dishwashers Granulated salt for dishwashers Extra salt “Polesie”Extra salt “Polesie” Extra salt “Polesie” Extra salt “Polesie” iodizedExtra salt “Polesie” iodized Extra salt “Polesie” iodized

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Mozyrsalt is the largest producer of vacuum-evaporated dietary salt in CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States) and Western Europe. The main line of company’s activity is mining and production of extra evaporated dietary table salt. The assortment numbers more than 50 products; and the sales geography covers 18 states. Mozyrsalt is an associated company of Concern Belgospischeprom.


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Do you know

Iodized salt keeps its qualities within 3-4 months.

Iodine is required for functioning of thyroid gland, which in its turn infuences the condition of other organs.


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