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ОАО Мозырьсоль - общий план - акварель


            Joint Stock Company “Mozyrsalt” is an associated company of Concern Belgospischeprom. It sprang up on salt deposits in 1982, which were found in the suburbs of Mozyr in 1975. December 21, 1982 is the birthday of the enterprise. There were released first products on that day. JSC “Mozyrsalt”  is one of the youngest enterprises of the industry. Throughout its existence JSC “Mozyrsalt” not only proved solid reasons for its activity but  managed to occupy key positions on the market of vacuum-evaporated salt in CIS and Europe.

            Our company sees itself as an active participant of the salt market. We concentrate the financial and marketing efforts on introduction of new production technologies.

            Our purpose is to be the leader in the market as on volumes of production and level of our work, and on contribution which we make in national economy. Our aspiration to continuous improvements, to new achievements allows us to provide our customers with the wide range of high-quality goods, to increase export and to raise welfare of staff of the company.

            Despite any difficulties the united team of our company, full of hopes and plans, face the future with confidence.

            Out of pure kindness of our heart we present you a pure crystal of our salt!