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Главный инженер Бокшиц Александр Павлович
General Director Chief Engineer
Artur Galimov Aleksandr Bokshits 

Joint Stock Company «Mozyrsalt» is one of the leading producers of evaporated salt extra on post-Soviet territory. Our company is one of the guarantors of food safety of the Republic of Belarus and stable reliable business partner for the supply of high-quality products to many countries.


The policy of the company is aimed at continuous search and implementation of innovative approaches in manufacturing, marketing – distributive and management processes and also maintenance of strategic relevance of the function of producer at the market. At present we are actively and successfully passing through the stage of global modernization increasing production capacity and reducing production cost. New ways of thinking, new technologies enable to keep pace with stringent requirements of modern world. Professionalism of the staff of the company and the highest quality of production are always invariable.


We highly appreciate strong and stable business connections and do everything to make partnership stronger and  more productive.


We are always ready for effective and mutually-beneficial cooperation, and as we have impressive experience of work, we guaranty high stability and reliability to our strategic partners.

ОАО Мозырьсоль

Company Mission

To bring ecological purity for which Belarus is famous, to our production, giving the chance to each consumer to use its most valuable potential for health and beauty.