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Large benefits of fine salt extra

  • What salt is more convenient fine extra or rock? Hostesses quite often argue on it, but most often agree in opinion that benefits are approximately equal also business, generally in a habit. However everything changes if it is a question of roll-in and marinades. In this case the grinding of salt influences success of all business.

    Small crystals of fine salt extra dissolve much quicker that is the extremely important for successful preservation and tasty marinades. With salt of a grade "extra" and preservations turn out at the extra level: prepared in this way cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper and other vegetables will please your family with amazing taste during all winter .

    Therefore the checked recipe of success of the Belarusian hostesses is salt extra that produces JSC "Mozyrsalt" under the trademark "Zolotoy Zubr".

    Mozyr salt respect not only masters of house preparations, but also recognized professionals of the food industry. Such salt is chosen for the compoundings by the canning enterprises in Bykhov, Borisov, Lyakhovichakh, Malorita and Osipovichakh. The few know that thanks to our, Belarusian salt extra  cucumbers, corn and other legendary preservation from Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania turn out improbably tasty.

    Quality of salt influences not only taste, but also appearance of preparations. Fine salt of a grade "extra" - crystal-clear as it is extracted at a depth from six hundred meters to kilometer, and then very scrupulously clear (much more carefully, than large grade). Therefore in such salt there are no unnecessary impurity because of which in cans with preservations can appear an unpleasant muddy deposit.

    The appetizing crunch of tinned cucumbers, delicate taste of tomatoes, incomparable aroma of gentle peppers, magnificent gribochka according to the personal confidential recipe and a special charm of segments of marinaded garlic will give refinement to any festive feast and become a reliable lifesaver, which always on call if in the summer the hostess managed to conjure over vegetables, seasonings, banks and covers. And, of course, I used thus extra salt of JSC "Mozyrsalt".

    The correct salt - the key to success of any preservation!