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Mozyr rock salt deposit is a source of raw materials. The prospected reserves number hundreds of millions of tons. The deposit, which laid the foundation of the enterprise, is a dome-shaped elevation consisting of interstratified riders of insoluble rocks and further salt. Depth of salt occurrence varies from 600 to 1250 metres. Salt is obtained shaft free by underground dissolution of salt strata with water. The salt is obtained from 13 wells located 3 kilometres away from the main production area. Wells are used for supplying water, which washes out solid salt. Saturated brine comes up, and is supplied to the main area through pipes.


The saturated brine is clarified from mechanical admixtures, calcium and magnesium salts, and is further supplied for evaporation. Then salt pulp is condensed and centrifuged. As the result there is obtained salt with residual moisture content of 3%. Then free flowing agent (potassium ferrocyanide) is added, and finally drying machines turn this semi-product into dry extra salt “Polesie” with approximate residual moisture content of 0.1%. High-scale clarification of the brine and special production techniques let obtain a product with the content of the basic substance NaCl above 99,7 %.


The basic sort of extra salt "Polesie" is then is supplied to the package shop. All the next production stages (adding microadditives and packaging) depend on the market opportunities and customer demand.