7 Delusions about Iodized Salt

  • It is common for humans to make mistakes. Sometimes misbelieves cause harmful consequences, e.g. when they bear upon health. Efficacy of treatment depends on the information we obtain and apply. Sometimes misbelieves about salt hinder from proper consumption of this product.

    • Misbelief 1. Iodized salt is a medicated product, and it should be applied by doctor's prescription.
      Actually iodized salt is a preventive product, which is suggested to everyone.
    • Misbelief 2. Consumption of iodized salt may result in surplus of iodine in a human body.
      This is not true. Iodine content in salt is calculated to fulfill physiologic demand of a human body.
    • Misbelief 3. Iodized salt can't be applied for preservation of food. It modifies colour and flavour of products.
      The content of iodine is too low to have impact on quality of dishes and preserved food.
    • Misbelief 4. Iodized salt is more expansive.
      It's true. But the difference is too small. There is no reason for cost saving.
    • Misbelief 5. Circassian walnut, pineapple guava and membranes of walnuts contain a lot of iodine.
      These products really contain iodine. But its content is very low. So these products are not suitable for preventive treatment.
    • Misbelief 6. Laminaria should be used to prevent from iodine deficiency.
      Laminaria is better than nothing. But experts say that exotic products are not a reliable preventive measure.
    • Misbelief 7. Iodine extract and compound iodine solution can be used to prevent from iodine deficiency.
      These medicines shouldn't be applied for prevention of iodine deficiency, as they contain too much iodine.