Granulated salt «Salero» for dishwashing machines

  • At the beginning of 2013 of JSC "Mozyrsalt" mastered production of the granulated salt for restoration of ion-exchange pitches of the water-softening installations applied in the course of preparation and softening of water to food and other productions, in industrial and private systems of heating and hot water supply, and also in household water-heating appliances.

    However on it the scope of the granulated salt doesn't finish. Hostesses worldwide prefer the granulated salt, using it as means which helps to fight against minerals and the impurity containing in tap water and protects the dishwasher from scaling. Here and our enterprise began production of the granulated salt packed into modern cardboard packing weighing 2 kg under "Salero" trademark. For convenience and optimum dispensing the design of a pack has the folding valve.

    Granulated salt

    Our granulated salt, thanks to high extent of cleaning with use of the modern equipment, has no harmful impurity which negatively influence the processes happening during operation of the dishwashing machine. Thanks to the form, purity and the hardness, the granulated salt "Salero" provides high overall performance of the dishwashing machine, an economical consumption of detergents and adds shine to pure ware.

    For long and continuous work of your dishwasher it is necessary to use the granulated salt to which you can entrust the health. The granulated salt for dishwashing machines "Salero" is a salt to which you can trust! The granulated salt "Salero" is developed for you and meets all demands made to household and professional softeners of water.